Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Thank you to all who came to the cookie decorating at the courthouse! I hope the year of 2022 will be even better than 2021 was!

We are looking forward to the New Year and new opportunities! We will be hosting a Project Day and Kim will be hosting a workshop at Rec Lab with Adriane Good (Pondera County) and Kari Lewis (Glacier County).

The 4-H Leadership Academy will be starting for our ambassadors and teen leaders. If you have any ideas for leadership projects, we can start working on those as well!

There are a lot of upcoming opportunities to show livestock this winter. Some of these are listed in this newsletter but we are always posting shows and other learning opportunities on the Toole County 4-H Facebook Group. Please request to join if you are not in the group already. This is a great place to connect with fellow 4-H families and ask questions.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can stop by the office anytime!

Have a Happy New Year!

Kim & Jackie

4-H International Exchange

As of this point, 4-H International Exchanges, both Outbound and Inbound, are proceeding full steam ahead! Our partner organization, States’ 4-H International Exchange Programs (S4HIEP or S4H) has been working diligently with our international partners and has streamlined some of the application process. You could go to Japan, Korea, Norway, Romania, Argentina, Costa Rica, or Taiwan.

Additional information can be found on the S4HIEP website at: https://www.states4hexchange.org/ . Interested parties can also contact me directly for more information.

Applications are no longer submitted to the MT 4-H Center for review but are instead uploaded directly to the S4H website in Seattle via the online link: https://smr.to/p71518.

The following 4-H members (who are currently signed in to Z-Suite) will need Livestock Quality Assurance this year:

Taylor ParsonsBrinlee Flesch

Ty ParsonsMorgan Riphenburg

Livestock Committee Updates

Upcoming meeting will be January 26th at the Toole County Ambulance Barn.

The following are a few updates from the Marias Fair Livestock Committee meeting:

  • Scholarships - Livestock committee scholarships will be posted online by February and due April 1, which will allow them to be announced at high school graduations. Watch http://mariasfair.msuextension.org/livestockcom.html for the application.
  • Weight limits - Maximum lamb weight limit was increased to 165 pounds. This is more in line with other fairs and allows those larger framed lambs to be appropriately finished. A heavier carcass also provides the buyer more meat for their fixed processing costs.
  • Breeding shows - Exhibitors can enter one entry per class. Exhibitors are encouraged to choose their very best livestock to enter. Additional livestock can be entered in Open Class.
  • Seewald signs - There are spaces available in the Seewald barn for additional advertising signs. If your business, club, family, etc. would be interested in having a sign displayed, please contact Jackie at the Toole County office at toole@montana.edu or (406) 424-8350for more information.
  • Livestock photographer - A livestock photographer will be needed for the 2022 Marias Fair, if you have any ideas of possibilities, please let us know.

Small Ag Committee Meeting

January 25th at 6 PM at the Marias River Electric building. Agenda and minutes will be emailed out closer to the meeting time.

4-H Leadership Academy:

If you are an ambassador or teen leader, join the Montana 4-H Leadership Academy workshop on Sunday, January 9th. The Leadership Academy is a network of Montana 4-H members interested in exploring and developing their own leadership skills while serving their county 4-H program in new ways.

Local county leadership groups will have an opportunity to join with groups from around the state as well as the Montana 4-H Ambassador Officer team, virtually and in person when possible, to work on skill building, planning and mentorship.

Each month the officer team members will be presenting a different workshop topic that they have found to be important as they have grown their own leadership abilities. This workshop should be paired with a local county leadership meeting to work on county projects that serve the local 4-H program and community.

Leadership Academy Dates:

January 9 - How to Make Club Meetings Awesome *VIRTUAL*

February 13 - Ages and Stages for Mentors

March 13 - Successful Service Learning

April 10 - Lead with a Purpose

Leadership Academy on January 9th

The leadership Academy meeting that is being held on January 9th will now be virtual due to Kim being out of town.Please join the meeting from the link provided.

KMON Contest

Registration is now open for the 2022 KMON Judging contest. The Contest will be held on January 22, 2022. It will be held in the livestock pavilion at the ExpoPark. It is usually a very chilly competition so please remember to dress warm.

Registration is online at judgingcard.com. If you don't know your username for judging card it is "MT10" and then your counties number. Your password is the same as your username! Early registration ends on January 14th, 2022, but you can also register up to the day of the event.

If you are interested, we are also looking for volunteers for the livestock contest.

We will need three-four Pen stirrers and 10 more group leaders as well.

If anyone knows of a parent or even older members that may want to volunteer, please get ahold of the Pondera County Extension Office! 406-271-4054.

Montana 4-H Rec Lab

On March 18-20, 2022 Montana Rec Lab will be held in Hobson MT. Plan to travel 4-H Highway 2022, the Road to Success! Mark your calendar's for this amazing state wide event and help spread the word to all your 4-H friends in Montana. The Montana Rec Lab is open to all 4-H members in Montana ages 13-19! More information will be coming out. There are scholarships available for Toole County Members upon request.

What is Rec Lab?

Many teens will tell you Rec Lab is their favorite statewide event. It has a really casual, fun and hands on feel. Often times all of the activities... including sleeping take place in one building like a school. Everyone drags in 100 lbs of air mattresses, sleeping bags and extension cords for phone chargers into the school gym to stay for the weekend. It is almost impossible in this environment not to make new friends! People spend time between meals and workshops sitting at cafeteria tables playing games and getting to know each other. The workshops are very engaging and often hands-on with project and activity based topics. It is a great way to roll into more leadership opportunities at the county and state level. If you have members that have not had an opportunity to attend any state events, this is the perfect one for them to start with, It is really fun, the schedule is easy to follow and it is less intimidating to interact with peers.

National 4-H Congress

A trip to National 4-H Congress is one I wish every Montana 4-H'er could go on! Those that have been able to attend the event have called it "eye opening" "life changing" and a "very special experience." We were able to bring 15 youth and two volunteer chaperones this past year on the trip to Atlanta. If one of those youth is from your county or a nearby county, I encourage you to ask them to share their experience to motivate others to try and earn this amazing trip. National 4-H Congress takes place Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta GA each year and partial funding is provided by the Montana 4-H Foundation.

4-H 2022 Camp Dates

The 2022 4-H camp dates are June 13-16, 2022. If you would like to get an application to be a camp counselor, please get ahold of the office and we will get you one! The camp application deadline is February 11, 2022.

Updates: We will be meeting soon to determine whether we will be splitting by county again.We will let you know what is decided.

Flathead County 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational

On January 22, 2022 in Kalispell there is a shooting sports invitational.

If you would like an application to fill out online please give the Toole County Extension Office a call! Applications are due by January 15, 2022.

After January 15, 2022 there will be a $2.00 late fee.

Archery Tournament Date Change

The Archery Tournament is now on January 30th.

The Marias Fair Invitational shoot is for 4-H archers from across the state located in Shelby, Montana on January 30, 2022. The shoot is located at 133 6th Ave S, Shelby MT, 59474 (The Old Middle School). The time slot for 2:30 pm on Sunday the 30th is a fun shoot for only Coaches, Parents, and Alumni. Please choose your line time and bale on the app.

The cost is $10 per event shot and payment is due by January 24th. Payment can be done online during registration or checks can be made out to Blazing Arrows and mailed to Wendy Wedum, Pondera Co. Extension Agent, 20 4th Ave SW. Conrad, MT 59425.

Invitational shooters (not from Pondera, Toole, Glacier or Liberty County) can continue to register after the 24th, though a $5 late fee will be charged ($15 per event in total). Registration is open during the shoot based on line availability.

Marias Fair competitors (Glacier, Liberty, Toole, and Pondera County archers) MUST COMPLETE INTERVIEW to receive awards. Registration and payment for Marias fair competitors is due by January 24th, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Late registration is not allowed for Marias Fair shooters, though you may register for the invitational along with the other counties after the 24th.

Please arrive to check in a half hour before shooting time or sooner.

Competitor's age is calculated as of October 1, 2021.

More information is on the BowScore Webpage. The tournament is called "Marias Fair 4-H Only Invitational 2022."

Montana Winter Fair- Youth Beef Show

The Registration for the Montana Winter Fair- Youth Beef Show registration is now open. The last day to register is January 27th. There will be no late entries accepted.

The Youth Beef Show will be held on January 27-30, 2022 in Lewistown, MT.

There is more information on the Toole County 4-H Facebook page!

Dog Members

The Marias Fair Ag Committee is looking to organize some dog workshops that covers obedience and showmanship.

The Glacier County 4-H dog leader is willing to lead weekly sessions in Cut Bank to go about six weeks. The sessions will be indoors and may have a potential follow-up later in the spring and summer at the dog park or the Marias Fairgrounds dog arena.

The first session would be an introduction that would have a training session with the dogs after.

She would like to get started in the new year.

Any dog members who are interested please go to https://bit.ly?3e9HBNW. Sign up as soon as possible so that she can make the schedule!